save @url

This command is used to save your game as an encoded link, not as a file. Once saved in this format, any subsequent saves with Ctrl+S will not update the URL, and instead will overwrite the active file (.p8, .p8.png, or .p8.rom). So you must use the save @url command each time to get an updated URL.

When using this command in PICO-8, the URL link is copied directly into your clipboard, ready for pasting. When using the Education Edition, the URL is updated in the browser address bar and not copied into your clipboard automatically.

Here is an example link, try it out:

First introduced in changelog for version 0.2.4c.

- Can only hold up to 2040 characters.

- Only the code and graphics data are encoded into the URL, not the sfx nor music.

Images in this Guide by NerdyTeachers is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0


28 May 2024