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Intro to PICO-8

Find out where to best start your game development journey.
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PICO-8 Guide

Find the built-in functions you need and how to use them.
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PICO-8 Community

Meet the most prominent devs in the community with this catalogue of mini-biographies.


Curated Games Library
We have a searchable and sortable list of about 2000 of the best PICO-8 games. Easily browse to find exaclty the style and genre of games you want to play!

Top 200 Games
Looking for the best games to play? Here are the top 200 highest rated games from 2015-2023.


Bitesize Games
These bitesize games are small barebones examples of some classic arcade style video games you already know. Follow along to understand the code behind them, then challenge yourself to modify the code and the art to make it your own.

Game Mechanics
Here we break down all the many juicy features you might want to add to make your game feel fun, polished, and complete. Find out how to add visual effects, animations, physics, and more.

Learn how to create and add Sound Effects and Music for your games with a musical legend of the PICO-8 Community: Gruber Music. We have included his free introductory tutorials and added written explanations as well as demo games to make it easier to follow along.

Learn how to build, assemble, and/or set up PICO-8 to run on specific hardware devices.

Platformer Series
Coming soon is our popular series on building a Platformer. You can still follow the older version, but we plan to update and complete this series in the future by breaking down each part into its own written lesson page.


Read our monthly PICO-8 web-zine created by @Marina Makes and the PICO-8 Community!

Draw Pixel Art
Practice drawing your original PICO-8 pixel art right here in our website and share it with other Nerdy Students!

Sprite Library
Browse our community-made collection of PICO-8 pixel art that you can use in your games! It is easy to copy from here and paste it directly into your PICO-8 sprite sheet.

Discord Chat
Join us on Discord to really be a part of the community. Get help, share your creations, team up with others, play games, and much more! We are building a community of nerds who love to learn new skills and hobbies in PICO-8 and beyond.