function name_of_function()

You may want to create your own functions to help organize your code and make your code more efficient.

Here's an example of a simple custom function that adds two numbers together:

function addNumbers(num1, num2)
  sum = num1 + num2
  return sum

In this function, we're using the function keyword to define a new function called addNumbers. The function takes two parameters: num1 and num2, which represent the two numbers we want to add together. Inside the function, we're adding the two numbers together and storing the result in a new variable called sum. Finally, we're using the return keyword to send the sum variable back to wherever we asked the function to run.

To run this function, we could write some code like this:

result = addNumbers(5, 10)
--prints 15

This code can be written anywhere else inside our game code. We are creating a variable named resultand at the same time we're calling the addNumbers function to run and we pass the numbers 5 and 10 to the function inside of the parentheses. The function then accepts those numbers in the exact order they were given, so that num1 becomes 5, and num2 becomes 10. This function will then create a variable named sum, add num1 and num2 together, then return that sum as the result. So it will add 5 with 10, and save 15 to sum. Then it returns sum to where we called it.

The returned value from the addnumbers function is then saved as result. Finally, we're using the print function to display the value of result on the screen.


4 Nov 2023