btn = "button"

btn( index, [player] )
index a button number or button symbol (see chart below)
player (optional) a player number (0-7)

If you hold the button down, this will act like it is rapidly pressed.

For multiplayer games, you will need to include player numbers (0-7).

These are the button indexes you can use:

Button Number Glyph
Left 0 shift+L
Right 1 shift+R
Up 2 shift+U
Down 3 shift+D
O 4 shift+O
X 5 shift+X

Button Glyphs

These are the glyphs or symbols that are used inside of the PICO-8 code editor. These button glyphs can actually replace the button numbers when using the btn() function.

This is what that code will look like inside of PICO-8, with the buttons appearing as glyphs:

Here is what the glyphs look like oustide of PICO-8:

function _update()

	if btn(⬅️) then x-=1 end --left
	if btn(➡️) then x+=1 end --right
	if btn(⬆️) then y-=1 end --up
	if btn(⬇️) then y+=1 end --down
	if btn(🅾) then a=true end--o
	if btn(❎) then b=true end--x



3 Apr 2023