Opens the current folder in a new window, outside of PICO-8. The default selected folder when you open PICO-8 is the .../pico-8/carts/ folder.

To change the designated location for your saved carts folder, see How to Save Your Game.

You can specify other folders you want to open as well right in the command line:

folder backups = open the ".../pico-8/backup/" folder, to see all backed up .p8 files

folder config open the ".../pico-8/" folder, for easy access to the config.txt file.

folder bbs open the ".../pico-8/bbs/" folder, to see all splore related files including the games you played from splore, downloaded locally as png carts and their labels.

folder desktop open a folder to view your desktop files, this is the default location of saved PICO-8 screenshots and video gifs.


12 May 2023