SFX and Music

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PICO-8 SFX and Music

  • Introduction

  • Coming Soon

      Effect 2 - The Vibrato

      Effect 3 - The Drop

      Effect 4 & 5 - The Fades

      Effect 6 & 7 - The Arps

      How to Create a Drum Beat

      How to Create a Bass Line

      Creating Sub Tones

      Echo Effects 1-2

      What is Meter?

      Creating Melodic Motion 1-3

      Pentatonic Scale

      Pentatonic Scale 1-3

      Compositional Form 1-2

      Flow Tips and Tricks

      Instrument Editor 1-2

      Composing Music from Scratch 1-2

      Music of Slipways the Game

      Horror Ambience

      Tips for Developing Compositions

      Using Sequences to Create SFX